Full Body IWB (Inside the Waistband).


This holster is worn inside the waistband for those looking for a concealed holster. It is made of 8oz-9oz leather, which means it is a solid holster and will not be flimsy. These are formed to your gun for an exact fit. The full body covers the majority of the weapon as you can see from the pictures as well as features a bodyshield (the tongue on the back that prevents the hammer and slide from touching your body. It also features dual straps which wrap around your belt (not a clip style) and heavy stitching. The inside is lined with suede for added retention, to help protect your weapon from wear, and will also act as a moisture barrier. The leather is Hermann Oak vegatable tanned leather and is dyed the color of your choice. 


Hermann Oak Vegatable Tanned Leather is raised in Missouri and tanned in St. Loius, MO. The quality is superior and is known to be one of the best vegatable tanned leathers in the business. This product is made 100% in the USA. 


If you do not see your gun in the list please contact us for timeframe update. Since these are formed to your weapon, if your weapon has attachments (such as a flashlight or laser) we will need to be contacted to see if this holster will work for your setup. 


*Weapon in the picture is Kimber 1911 Pro CarryII and is NOT included.

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