How to Care For Your Leather



Your handbag from Kerns Custom Leather is made of real leather and requires proper care. A big problem to avoid is the use of household cleaning products (even baby wipes) that are not approved for leather. Investing in a quality leather conditioner is most important. Conditioning at least 2x each year is key to keeping leather from drying out. Cleaning leather can be done with a simple damp warm cloth.  Use a very mild dish soap solution when deeper cleaning is required. Routine conditioning will extend the life of your leather handbag for years to come.



Your leather holster is made of vegetable tanned leather and should be oiled up to twice a year (depending on use). Using some oil conditioners can change the color of your holster to a darker color such as Neats Foot Oil or Saddle Oil. Finding a good leather conditioner will enhance your leather holster and will help it last a long time. Applying too much oil can soften your holster and can possibly lose its shape. Less is more! Start with very little on a clean cloth and apply it to your holster. Allow it to stand for a few minutes and wipe off any excess to keep from showing oil marks. 


Wallets and Belts -

Like the leather Holsters, your wallet or belt is also made of oil tanned leather and requires proper care to prolong the life of your leather. Using a good leather conditioner or an oil is best. Some oils, such as Neatsfoot oil or Saddle oil can darken your leather. If your wallet or belt is black in color then the use of these oils will be fine. Do not use water to clean the leather as your leather wallet or belt can soak it up and will begin to crack when dry. Your leather wallet and belt both have a protective coating to help prevent water intrusion but overtime this coating will wear off. Using a water proofing conditioner is also recommended (follow directions on the label for best results).


Any other questions regarding leather care please contact us and we will be happy to help.